New Petrol & Diesel Pricing in Malaysia

The following are the new petrol pricing that will take effect on 12.00am 5th of June 2008:

Fuel Type

New price

Old Price


Ron 97 Petrol

RM2.704 per liter

RM1.92 per liter

RM0.784 per liter

Ron 92 Petrol

RM2.62 per liter

RM1.88 per liter

RM0.74 per liter


RM2.581 per liter

RM1.58 per liter

RM1.001 per liter

12.06.08 Updates: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Adullah Ahmad Badawi has said that the petrol price will stay at RM2.70 per liter this year even if the global price of oil increase to USD200 per barrel (as forecast by some analysts).

13.06.08 Updates: RM625 fuel subsidy is a one time payment only and not an yearly thing clarified by second finance minister Nor Mohammed Yaakop.

23.06.08 Updates: The Government has agreed to implement a dual pump system at fuel stations in border areas so that foreigners do not buy fuel at subsidised prices



7 Responses to “New Petrol & Diesel Pricing in Malaysia”

  1. sirnen Says:

    oh its oni a one-off payment? i tot its a yearly payment? damn. not so smart lah after all the plan.

  2. Kiana Says:

    We’re gov are not that generous afterall … & they’re only good at stupid policies and recommendations which won’t last long

  3. Says:

    New Petrol & Diesel Pricing in Malaysia…

    The new price tag for fuel and diesel in Malaysia….

  4. tYOt Says:

    That is very expensive for me. :(

  5. Hallaj Says:

    One time only? Seriously?!?! Gah.. so much for the hu-ha..

  6. magpie Says:

    yea it is serious. the G says that they will implement another new system next year.

  7. kikull Says:

    @ sarawak only RM 2.69

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