Which is the best petrol for BLM?

People has been saying different cars reacts differently to different petrol. How true is this? Some say for BLM, you have to go for Petronas on city road and some prefer Shell as it travels more km.

I personally go for Shell after comparing the both. I pump the same amount and travel to the same place using the same road. For shell, it saves me about 10-15km.

Thinking that petrol is the heavy burden for all motorists at the time being, perhaps you want to share your view on which is the most suitale petrol for BLM.

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  1. hariz84us Says:

    i already try all those petrol.. the best is shell.. more kilometers..

  2. gracebeh Says:

    best still got contest … hope to strike soon!! 😛

  3. mrs.J Says:

    hi,for me petronas is more saving for BLM.

  4. Daniel Says:

    I’ve tried different types of fuels (Shell, Petronas, Caltex & Esso) for the last 5 years. Driven my family’s Wira, Civic, Toyota, Persona & currently my own BLM. At the end of the day…I still have to come back to Shell Super (green) as I personally feel it can drive me further.

    Caltex fuel feel almost like Shell as well, but not easy to find so I go for Shell coz can find everywhere. I try my best to avoid Petronas coz it seem to burn faster…but it gives extra boost to acceleration! Since I don’t need the extra boost…I’ll go for more kilometer with Shell.

  5. arejibBLM Says:

    hi there, for me I’d like prefer choose Petronas and Shell because it is more saving for BLM

  6. Izwan Says:

    As’kum.. i think ESSO is better than others..

  7. Bryan Says:

    i already try all those petrol.. the best is shell.. more kilometers… Mobil now i currently using… Mobil almost same as shell. But now i using Mobil because i can earn the “point” for every time pumping my petrol. cummulative until 2000 points can exchange RM30 free petrol. Tat’s good too consumer!!!

  8. akku Says:

    akku pun rase shell / esso/mobil…its better for BLM …..

  9. J41 Says:

    I agree with Daniel. More over Petronas & Shell is easier to find compared wit other. At first, i try Petronas. But then (the 3rd time of filling) I try Shell to feel the difference. Now i’m using Shell and still xperimenting on it. hope there’s someone will prove it and recommend which of available fuel in market is better for saga (as local engine). For now i agree wit Daniel. Hope there are more posts. Actually i’m looking for recommended fuel for this saga.

    How bout engine oil? Anyone any idea bout the best & recommended engine oil for BLM? (Looking for smooth drivin n lower the noise which came out from engine bay)

  10. neno Says:

    i go 4 esso n caltex..but i never try shell yet.should i try???i dont think dat petronas dat so good.rite??anybody agree wif my statement??

  11. silverblades Says:

    My personal oppinion..
    Shell has proven more kilometer compared to others as per rumors spread by it’s advertisement & experiences by its user..But me myself will stick to petronas just for 1 reason..”Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia”
    Petronas have given so much to this country..I believed that if I use Petronas, then the RM spended will be return back to me as my country development..So still nothing to lose..hehe..Congrat to Petronas for being one of the most successful organization in Malaysia..
    P/S My opinion only ha..Dun Tembak me yep..??
    Petronas ada Car Craze..Shell ade ke..??? (Berangan jer, tp xpenah dapat pn..huhu)

  12. kachua Says:

    Dear Saga owners,

    As I am planning to buy a new saga, so would like to seek all of the owners here about the fuel consumption…

    I would like to know if pump full tank how many KM it can run & how much it cost for a full tank accroding to current fuel price RM2.55/L.


  13. GilerMan Says:

    Rating on fuel quality

    Best qualityWorse Quality
    ProJET,Shell VPower, Petronas, BHP, Caltex, Esso

    Best powerWorse power
    Shell VPower, ProJET,Petronas, , Caltex, , BHP, Esso

    Best MileageWorse Mileage
    ProJET, Shell Super,Petronas, Shell VPower, Caltex, BHP, Esso

    Source (blended into brands)
    Norwegian – sweet. ProJET, Shell
    Arabian crude – dirty with lots of sulfur. Esso, BHP, petronas
    Nigerian Bonny – light & sweet. Shell
    Local-damn good sweet quality but little used in petrol. Petronas

  14. GilerMan Says:

    Best fuels (measured by clooecting knock sensor fault codes.. less knock = better quality)
    ProJET, Shell VPower, Petronas, Caltex, Shell Super, BHP, Esso

    For better mileage, stick with 95* (premium). Lower octane fuels have higher calorific value, but less power. If go genting/bukit tinggi, then pump lar Super 97*

  15. LeoRex Says:

    pada pandangan saya..
    Buat masa ini, saya hanya isi minyak Shell dan Petronas saja for my BLM. yang lain-lain tak pernah coz rasa dua2 ni better than yang lain(walaupun semua minyak sama je sebenarnya kat Malaysia ni). Untuk lebih kilometer, prefer Shell, tapi performance Petronas is better. nak lagi ok, guna v power la.. hehe.

  16. Mr.J Says:

    for me ar…shell better than other laaaa…
    my car can go more 300km ( full thank)..its ok maaaa…
    petronas had a car crze…shell have a petrol la bro…..

  17. Mr.J Says:

    caltex also good
    i dont know la…why ar when i use petronas my car just car go not more 300 km y y y y……

  18. Daniel Says:

    Hi All, lets try to put figures into the discussion. I am open to accept any better fuel so lets be profesional (don’t be biase); please add in if you have your own track record.
    This is for everyone’s good, right.

    Timeline: From 16 September till 02 November
    Engine Milage: 4141km till 5365km
    Fuel: Shell Super (green)
    Engine Oil: Shell Helix Plus (Semi-syntethic)
    Driving condition: Town area (JOHOR BAHRU) with 30-45min traffic jam per day
    Top Speed: 90km/h (hardly)
    Occupants: 2 person; total weight: 123kg
    Car Model: BLM M-line
    Transmision: Manual (5-speed)
    Tire F&R : 185mm (stock alloy rim)
    Pressure F/R : 210kpa/190kpa

    Total distance travel (city) = 1224 km
    Total fuel (shell green) cosume = 91.45 litres
    km per liter = 13.38 km/l

    –Currently, I’m running another test with change in variables:
    Fuel: Shell V-Power (Red/Blue)
    Engine oil: Shell Helix Ultra (Fully Syntethic)
    Tire Pressure F/R: 230kpa/210kpa

    I will post you the details once available…maybe in January. In mid January I will be driving from Johor to Kedah (for Chinese New Year) & planning to track the highway performance.

  19. Daniel Says:

    Hi J41,

    I noticed you are interested in engine oil as well. I have changed from Shell Helix Plus to Shell Helix Ultra. Only difference is when the engine is “cold” i find using Ultra is smoother, quieter & “less sticky”. But once warm-up is all the same for both oil.

    I come to know that Ultra is 5W/40 compared to Plus with 15W/50; which means is easier to flow at lower temperature. But if you want best results/protection go for Petronas Syntium 5000 at 0W/40.

    If you don’t mind warm up your engine for 1 or 2 mins every morning, I think using 5W/40 or 15W/50 oil is not an issue. I warm up at least 1 min every morning (lesser now with 5W/40).

  20. zul WRF6078 Says:

    pada pendapat saya semua jenis petrol adala sesuai, dan untuk penjimatan minyak adalah bergantung kepada jenis pemanduan anda…

  21. aku Says:

    every petrol has different benefit. i think u should use the petrol same with the engine oil that u’all use. if you use syntium, you can use petronas or if u use shell helix, u have to use shell petrol. i think that’s better.

  22. Calvin Says:

    I am sure non of you are experienced car owners… if you don’t have the knowledge then I suggest you let the experts speak. You are testing in variable situation and none of it the same so how can you put it to a test. What a load of bullshit…. a Joke to even consider posting a comment cause you sure make an ass when you say this is better that is better. … fact is that you people don’t earn enough to drive better cars so have to make to with this crap call BLM.

  23. Daniel Says:


    I just drove from JB to Alor Star; My car spec is same as above (Helix Ultra) except now I’m using Esso Fuel with 3 ppl in car & a full trunk!! Estimated weight is around 200kg. For a total drive of 767km (I went into KL go to UM, then to Kinrara, then only go north through Kesas); my fuel consumption is at 0.064 litres per km. I arrived at Sungai Besi, filled in full tank then go around KL (UM-Kinrara-AS) & tank really go empty (blinking as reaching AS).

    The last few days I’ve been driving up from JB to KL alone & minimal luggage (as I just been transferred to KL); For each journey (KL-JB, JB-KL) I’ve been getting 0.05 litres per km.

    I did some extra experiment; JB to KL I drove at a steady speed of 90-100km/h while KL to JB I drove at 100-120km/h (with occasional 140km/h to overtake) I’m also getting the same 0.05 litres per km. I’m quite surprised that the aerodynamic drag does to affect the fuel consumption that much, I guess the body design is very good to cut through the air. The IAFM must also played major role in getting best efficiency through different engine speed. Bravo Proton!!

    If comparing my fuel rate for the 2 travel destinations; the extra 0.014 litres per km from the JB-AS travel is due to 3 factors:
    1. Extra load/weight; this will definitely increase the drag force from the tire rolling resistance
    2. Inertial force while overtaking is increased with weight
    3. Hilly & winding roads along Perak state

    I’m very satisfied with the fuel consumption. Highway & urban is cheap for car much larger than its competitors of the same class & price.

  24. nizam Says:

    m2 like petronas very good

  25. zamzizul Says:

    i think petronas is better.coz i work with petronas station.u can redeem ur card mesra point 2 get coupon.so u don’t need to buy with cash.huhuhu easy huh.from start i buy my blm i not 2 buy petrol with my cash.just coupon.come 2 my station i will give you more point 2 redeem card mesra point.huhuhuh

  26. Firdaus Says:

    As i try a few fuels, i found that shell is better for SAGA…..

  27. Cheng Says:

    i work as salesman always goto penang take stock. And my car has been modified. K&N module, 3 header spark plug, i-parts suspensions, 15″ sport rims, hardenes absorber and grand weight became 1370kg. I live at cheras and drove to penang with average speed 110km/h – 140km/h. Fuel consumption in distance 416km MYR 50. It’s damn cheaper than my original car spec. Before that DRIVE 340km MYR 55. So what i’m think is all fuel almost same just different 10-20km like this. For my suggestion primax 3 the best performance. If longest burn oil must be shell

  28. IDRAWZI Says:

    hi….bagi saya pula, setelah saya melakukan beberapa eksperimen, saya merasakan bahawa shell v power lebih jimat dan bertenaga. kerana hanya dengan RM50 shell v power boleh pergi kemana-mana sejauh 300-320 km..berbanding dengan minyak lain, hanya sekitar 270 km sahaja…pilihan kedua saya petronas. petronas tidak kurang jimat juga..minyak petronas boleh dipuji dan boleh bersaing dengan minyak keluaran shell..tetapi bagi minyak enjin, setakat ini, saya merasakan minyak enjin petronas adalah lebih berkauliti.anda akan terasa daya pecutan itu

  29. Amri Says:

    Dah test semua, yg best SHELL “More Kilometers”.

  30. human Says:

    i’am using mobil now…
    i can go 280km juz for rm28…
    its juz bout rm1 for 10km…..

  31. Mr. Jo3 Says:

    yes to all bro, i do really need info about this topic.. currently i’m using petronas, travelling from kuantan to terengganu with full trunk & 2 ppl, i still can consider sebagai Jimat.. coz meter minyak cuma hilang 2 bar..

  32. bob sudharmin Says:

    Does anybody know what the capacity of the BLM fuel tank is for the 1.3 A/T? The specifications states 40 litres. However, on filling up, I hardly reached 30 litres even when the fuel gauge indicates the tank is empty and the warning lights were blinking furiously.
    My previous Proton Saga 1.5I can travel up to 500 KM on a single full tank load before it requires refill. The BLM requires refill at around 300 KM, 350 KM max.

  33. big bert Says:

    aku drive pergi dan balik dr sandakan-kota kinabalu-sandakan hbs dlm RM90.00 tu pun siap ronda2 lg kt kk ngan trafik padat pd siang hr. p/s penilaian d buat utk penginapan selama 2 hari 1 mlm

  34. big bert Says:

    aku gna primax3/primax 95 start dr awal gna keta ni. . penggunaan minyak. .jimat!! 10 liter utk jarak 210 km. .sandakan-lahad datu-silabukan km 31. .

  35. ivan Says:

    hi, somehow i fell driving in the city area are kinda costly. estimation about 0.15 per km. i always maintain my speed at 80-90 depending.

    after testing my car twice for long journey (pj to ipoh) it was totally awesome. with a spped of 90 constant. per km to ipoh is just 0.05.

    go shell!

    testing on petronas soon.

  36. santaroyz Says:

    For me, i prefer petronas coz i using for quite some time. from kancil, wira and my new blm. is good for engine. i can run 500++km with full tank using aircond.
    From what we know shell is km as per iklan shell at tv… But i still prefer Petronas….
    But my fren disagree with me, coz he prefer Shell for his car….

  37. irwan Says:

    shell more kilometres….

  38. Henry Says:

    I recommend Esso/Mobil. But the truth is that I only tried Shell and Esso/Mobil. Comparing these two, I felt that the performance is the same. With RM50, I can go as far as 360km with Esso/Mobil. Whereas for Shell, it took me to only about 300km – 320km. Best I did with Shell was 350km and that’s with the yellow light on for awhile. So I guess Esso is better just that it’s a bit of a hassle to find an Esso petrol station.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Calvin said:
    January 18th, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    …. a Joke to even consider posting a comment cause you sure make an ass …

    You are a joke too. 😉

  40. BLMuser Says:

    hi, aku rase untuk performance petronas lg bagus..coz try xprimen mmg laju..180/kmj n can go more….shell lak mmg jimat kilometer…apepon gunala produk tempatan

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